Managing Money and Feelings in Tough Times

Money is on the minds of nearly every American.  Fortunately, there are some strategies that have helped people through tough times before that might also help today.  Whether it is your first experience with tough times, or you have been there before, you may feel a sense of loss that extends well beyond lose in income or lifestyle. There are things we can control.  Our attitude and behavior are two. 


Dealing with feelings is one of the first steps.  Importantly, it maintains a emotional and physical health.  Uncertainty can keep us from making thoughtful decisions, but it doesn’t have to. Prioritize what is important to you and focus on that.  Simplify as much as possible and don’t expect that you can do everything you want to at this time.  Our goals and aspirations, give us something to work toward and look forward to.   Staying physically active is important.  Maybe it means walking outdoors, better yet find someone to walk with you.


Iowa State University Extension recommends individuals and families work toward developing five characteristics that enhance your personal resilience.


Positive individuals focus on the “half-full” part of the glass (strengths) rather than the “half-empty” part (negatives).

Organized individuals set priorities, but when necessary, renegotiate them during change.

Flexible individuals are open to different options when faced with uncertainty.

Focused individuals determine where they are headed and stick to their goals.

Proactive individuals work with change rather than defend against it. 


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Check out resources on the Iowa State University web site.

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