Grant Application Instructions

Application Instructions

Betty Elliott Group Professional Improvement, Innovative Program and Individual Staff Development Grants and Marvin A. Anderson Graduate Scholarship:

  1. Before applying, review the application outline/requirements.
  2. Write a draft of your application in a Word document and limit your answers to TWO pages!  
  3. Click on the grant application link you wish to apply to, and copy/paste your answers into the appropriate areas of the application.
  4. Be on time. Type, copy, or paste your application into an email message addressed to your supervisor for approval. Your supervisor must send it to Linda Young on or before February 1.

A response to applicants will be made within 45 days of the grant deadlines.


EIE grant recipients must use the awarded funds and ask for reimbursement within ONE YEAR of the award date. 

Q. How do I access the funds? 

A. EIE funds are held in an account administered by the ISU Foundation. This account is set up to incur costs directly or to operate on a cost reimbursable basis.  Some types of expenditures may be charged directly to the account (ie – ISU personnel costs, ISU travel, ISU purchase orders).  Other costs such as tuition and books or reimbursing a county are done on a reimbursable basis where recipients are reimbursed after they have incurred the cost and provide the necessary documentation. In the situation of coursework, funds will be reimbursed after proof of completion with a grade B or higher.  In the latter scenario, a written request with the appropriate itemized documentation (proof of payment) must be sent to the Extension Finance Office.

Q. Can you transfer the grant funds to me directly?

A. No, funds cannot be transferred in a lump sum out of the ISU Foundation account to another ISU account nor can they be transferred directly to an individual. These grants typically operate on a cost reimbursable basis while some expenses could be directly costed to the EIE account at the time they are incurred (see above),

Because each grant recipient is unique, the Extension Fiscal Office will advise and assist with questions.  Please contact the Extension Fiscal Office at 294-5508 for assistance.

When your project is completed, fill out the Followup_Report.docx and send to: Linda Young