Grant Application

Steps for completing grant application

  1. Copy the following application outline and paste into MS Word
  2. Complete the grant application outline
  3. Copy/paste the completed application into an email message addressed to your supervisor for approval.
  4. Your supervisor must forward the application with approval via email to Linda Young, on or before February 1.

Application Outline
I. Type of grant for which you are applying

  • Betty Elliott Group Professional Improvement
  • Innovative Program (designate a project title)
  • Individual Staff Development
  • Marvin A. Anderson Graduate Scholarship
  • Herb Howell

II. Name of principal applicant: Title, Address, and Telephone

III. Name and address of additional applicants involved with this grant

IV. Positions held within ISU Extension and Outreach by all applicants

Application must be submitted by an ISU Extension and Outreach employee.

V. Brief problem statement
For Individual Staff Development Grant and the Marvin A. Anderson Graduate Scholarship, include goals for the study and the relationship to current and future job responsibilities. For innovative program and Herb Howell grants share how the program is new or innovative.

VI. Describe the need and how it was determined

VII. Proposed objectives and expected outcomes
For Individual Staff Development Grant and the Marvin A. Anderson Graduate Scholarship, include dates and locations of the study. For innovative program or Herb Howell share how the program fits in with ISUEO and your program units priority programs or program outcomes.

VIII. Describe the method for achieving objectives
For Individual Staff Development Grant and the Marvin A. Anderson Graduate Scholarship, list all courses taken and planned for the study. Also, share how this program will become sustainable or how your professional development will impact Extension and Outreach.

IX. Project timeline from beginning to end 
In addition to the written final report, you may be asked to make a verbal report about your project to the Board of Directors or other stakeholders.

X. Project evaluation 
Describe the project's potential impact and how it will be measured.

XI. Budget
List all expenses for the project and all sources of revenue including what portion is being requested from Excellence in Extension. Please do not just list what you want EIE to fund.

Expenses Amount Revenue Amount
XX $ XX $
XX $ XX $
XX $ XX $





Total amount requested from Excellence in Extension: $___________

XII. Please review this with your supervisor and have him/her provide support for this project through steps 3 and 4 above.

XIII. Applicant signature and date 
Applicant signature and date supplied through email when the message is sent to supervisor.

XIV. Supervisor approval
<< Supervisor may type comments here >>
Supervisor signature and date supplied by email program when message is forwarded to Linda Young.

Send grant application via email to Linda Young.

Contact the EIE board member in your program area.