Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie

Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie visit 4-H'ers in Region 17

The purpose of the Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie Region 17 4-H Youth Leadership Council Project is for you as a club and as individuals, to help us share all of the fun, great learning and service you do as 4-H'ers. There are many who do not know what 4-H'ers do or others that need an update on the project work, community service, fun field trips and other things you do as 4-H'ers. We think this is a great story to share with others. 

Each 4-H Club in Region 17 will be receiving a 'Flat Bobby' and 'Squished Suzie' for a special project to highlight all of the wonderful activities we do in our 4H clubs.Here is the story of Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie: Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie are children of Flat Stanley and Normal Nancy. (check out the Flat Stanley 50th Birthday Pics)  

They are very curious young people and have heard all about the wonderful experiences that 4-H’ers are having in SW Iowa and they want to go visit 4-H Clubs and see what this 4-H is all about. That’s where you come in..

  • The first thing for your club to do is to color, decorate or dress your Bobby and Suzie and if you want them to be a little more durable, you can cut them out and mount them on some cardboard. You can decorate your 'Flat Bobby' and 'Squished Suzie' for your photos with glitter, markers, fabric, and even make it a fun group project for your club.
  • Once you have Bobby and Suzie dressed and ready to go, please take pictures of them with club members as you do your club activities such as fun activities at your club meeting, at your community service projects, educational tours, workshops, or even send them home with members to take a picture of them with Bobby and Suzie grooming or feeding their animals, sewing or other 4-H Project Activities.
  • If you take the pics with a smart phone or camera you can post them to Twitter, Instagram or the Facebook Region 17 4-H Members Page, make sure you include the club name, county, and what you are doing
·                 Post your picture to:

◦                  Twitter @Region17_4h
                 Instagram @Region17_4h
▪                  use #FlatBobbySquishedSusie    

◦ -or- Email your pictures to David Seilstad, Region 17 4-H Youth Program Specialist at  
 You are welcome to also send your club pictures to your local newspaper.                  Get friends and your family to like or favorite your photo

·        The contest will begin on May 1st and will run through the Iowa State Fair if you have anyone attending the State Fair. Each month we will pick out the top two photos from each county submitted showing traditional and unique activities that 4-H Clubs are sharing with their Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie to show what fun and educational things 4-H’ers do. We will have your County 4-H Coordinators help us select the monthly winning photos. At the end of the Iowa State Fair, the club with the most creative photos in each county will receive $50 for their club.   

Make sure all your pictures are in by August 20 for the Region 17 competition. There may be different incentives based on counties.

Go to the Region 17 4-H Members Facebook Page to see some examples of things Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie have been doing in Region 17 in April. You can also download 8 ½ x 11 or 11 x 17 copies of them or get further info on the contest from your county 4-H Website Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie webpage.

Regional 4-H Youth Council Members, 

Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie Project
Flat Bobby Pictures to Print or download

Squished Suzie Pictures to Print or download



This is a project of the Region 17 4-H Youth Leadership Council

The Gallery Begins

For more information or questions about the Flat Bobby and Squished Suzie Project, contact David Seilstad Region 17 4-H Program Specialist  phone: 712-644-2105712-644-2105

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