Worksite Wellness Programs

Investing in employee wellness is good business!

Our Health & Nutrition experts will come on-site to deliver customized, fun and informative programs designed to get your employees energized about staying healthy and eating right.  If your insurance company provides incentives for investing in employee wellness, we’ve got easy and affordable solutions.


Design your own 3-part series of face-to-face 1-hour programs to jumpstart your employees to better health.  $100 per class (plus supplies).  Topics include:

  • “Dining Out…What to Order?”
  • “Eat Better Today, Feel Better For Life!”
  • “Healthy Food Choices, Aisle by Aisle”
  • “Healthy Living for a Healthy Heart”
  • “Healthy Meals in a Hurry”
  • “Let’s Get Moving!”
  • “Portion Distortion”
  • “Spend Smart, Eat Smart”


“Small Steps to Health and Wealth”
This program motivates employees to improve both their health and finances by identifying small progress steps.  The class can be done in two or four face-to-face meetings, online, or a combination of both.  $20 per participant.

“Eating Well, Moving More”
This program helps employees make lifestyle changes in five areas that influence hypertension:  weight, physical activity, diet, sodium intake and alcohol intake.  $15 per person.

For more information or to arrange worksite classes, contact:
Cindy Baumgartner, Nutrition & Health Program Specialist
Office:  563-927-4201
Cell:  563-608-0868


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