So Easy To Preserve

So Easy To Preserve

Gardening and the canning season coming to an end.  maybe you are thinking of next year.  Have you ever wanted to learn how to can?  How to make jams and jellies?  How to dehydrate fresh fruits and vegetables?  Here is a way to learn and plan what to do next year with your produce.

An excellent DVD set called “So Easy to Preserve” has just arrived in the ISU-Dubuque County Extension Office.  Cindy Baumgartner, Nutrition and Health Specialist for Iowa State University Extension, says, “This is a great resource on food preservation techniques!  The video series provides eight shows--20-35 minutes each--which discuss preservation principles and give ‘how-to’ demonstrations of methods. The demonstrations teach USDA-recommended practices for food safety, as well as result in high quality finished products.”

Features included on the DVD series are 1) home canning of tomatoes, vegetables and fruits  2) freezing fruits and vegetables  3) drying fruits and vegetables  4) pickling  5) making jams and jellies  6) one show devoted to the canned specialties of hot chile salsa, mango chutney and spicy jicama relish

The “So Easy to Preserve” DVD set is available for check out for a maximum of two business days fo r a refundable cost of $10 for either the book or DVD; or $25 for both the book & DVD  through the ISU-Dubuque County Extension Office.  This DVD set was purchased through funding from “Iowans Fit for Life.”  Publications on various kinds of food preservation are also available through the Extension Office.  The book alone may be purchased for $20.  For more information, call 563-583-6496 or stop by the ISU-Dubuque County Extension. 

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