Dubuque County 4-H Celebrates Achievements of Youth & Volunteers

On November 3rd, Dubuque County 4-H held its annual Awards Night at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. This event recognizes 4-H members, volunteers, leaders, and parents for their service and dedication to the 4-H program throughout the past year. More than 150 participants attended and enjoyed an ice-cream social followed by the presentation of awards.
During the awards presentation, 61 first year members were recognized, along with 40 fifth year members, 75 Clover Kids, 37 graduating seniors, eight first year leaders, and five additional leader awards. Five special awards were presented to leaders and volunteers nominated by their peers:
Service Awards:  Lori Davis and the 4-H Food Stand, and Jeff Hammerand
Outstanding Leader Awards:  Michele Thurm and Julie Bries
“I Dare You” Awards:  Rachel Demmer, Matt Link, and Kyle Kass
4-H Alumni Awards:  Angie Burger and Dee Gaul
Dubuque County 4-H Hall of Fame:  Richard Bradley, Laurie Steffens, and Paul Ehrlich
Members that turn in a record book at the end of the 4-H year are also eligible for awards. The record books showcase a 4-Hers projects, goals, experiences, and helps them document and reflect on all they have accomplished in the past year. There were 31 junior 4-H members (grades 4th-6th) that turned in a record book and 34 intermediate and senior members (grades 7th-12th). 4-H Projects that youth exhibit at the fair range from livestock animals, to indoor projects such as photography, woodworking, food and nutrition, clothing and fashion, and home improvement.
The evening came to a close with the crowing of the 2013-2014 Dubuque County 4-H Royalty. A total of seven candidates each interviewed with three judges earlier that day at the Dubuque County Extension Office. Royalty candidates included: Jessica Bries, Rachel Demmer, Nick Frasher, Gretchen Gaul, Sarah Gronau, Danielle Hermsen, and Maggie Smith. Rachel Demmer was selected as the 4-H Queen, Jessica Bries as the 4-H Princess, and Nick Frasher as the 4-H King.
The Dubuque County 4-H Program is looking forward to another great 4-H year. Thank you to all the leaders and volunteers for their hard work and dedication!
Richard Bradley was one of three recipients to receive the Dubuque County 4-H Hall of Fame Award. This award honors individuals who model citizenship, leadership, career, and character.

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