Bank On Dubuque guides family financial planning

Bank On Dubuque guides family financial planning

What is BankOn Dubuque?

Through a partnership of local financial institutions, community organizations and local government, BankOn Dubuque provides a resource for unbanked and/or underbanked individuals living in our community.  BankOn Dubuque will guide these individuals to free or low-cost savings and checking accounts at a local financial institution while helping them establish a credit history to save on future purchases and investments.  Optional financial education courses provided by Iowa State Extension will be available for BankOn Dubuque participants.



Why BankOn Dubuque?

Without a bank account, the average person will spend 5% of their income at check cashers each year. This means that by having an account, you could easily save around $800 a year or $24,000 over a 30-year work history.


Creating a personal and financial relationship with a local bank or credit union will help BankOn Dubuque participants with future accounts, and at the same time, establish a credit history.  Having a good credit history can save a person thousands of dollars over a lifetime not only with lower loan rates, but also with lower insurance rates and additional credit offerings.


How to Open BankOn Dubuque Account?

To find a financial institution that is most convenient to you and your busy schedule, visit or call 555-bank.  Employees at each participating financial institution are trained and can assist individuals and families when opening their BankOn Dubuque accounts.


Participating Financial Institutions

  • Alliant Credit Union
  • American Trust & Savings Bank
  • Dubuque Bank &Trust
  • Dubuque Teachers Credit Union
  • Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • DuTrac Community Credit Union
  • Health Services Credit Union
  • Premier Bank


For more information on BankOn Dubuque, visit

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