Dickinson County 4H Clubs

  • Hook 'Em Cook 'Em      

              Leader:  Kristi Peck, 260-3200      

              Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 7:00 PM, at the Harbor of Joy Lutheran Church in Milford

  • Lloyd Victors        

              Leader:  Robert VonEhwegen, 320-6000

              Meetings: 1st Sunday, 6:30 PM, at VonEhwegen's Terril    

  • Milford Pioneers       

              Leaders:  Dave & Karen Schwaller,  338-4963

              Meetings: 2nd Sunday, 7:00 PM, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Milford

  • Okoboji Hoofbeats       

               Leaders:  Kathleen Dana and Amy Tanner, 320-4941 or 338-2123

               Meeting: 1st Sunday, 3:00 PM at Tanner Family Home in Milford

  • Silver Shooters

               Leader: James Kessler, 832-3540

               Meetings: 2nd Wednesday (with shooting practice every Weds.), 7:00 PM in Lake Park

  • Silver Lakers       

               Leader:  Becky Davis and Josh Paskert, 832-3608 or 320-0073

               Meetings : 2nd Sunday, 7:00 PM, at Lake Park Methodist Church

  • Spirit Lakers       

               Leaders:  Julie Resch and Carol Larson, 336-8857 or 336-2939

                Meetings: 3rd Sunday, 3:00 PM, Expo Building/Fairboard Rm

  • Superior Lakers       

               Leaders:  Sandi Bueltel and Mel Wernimont, 858-4661 or 336-0877

               Meeting: 3rd Sunday, 5:30 PM, Spirit Lake Community Building 

  • WaveRunners/Lego League

               Leaders:  Wade Weber, 336-8877

               Meetings: Thursday, 7:00 PM, Spirit Lake City Hall

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