Master Gardener Guest Speaker

 The Garden in Four Seasons
Many of you have no doubt pondered the idea of creating a four-season garden.  But how?  How do you make a garden space aesthetically interesting in four seasons?  Kelly call’s it gardening with the senses.  Four-season gardening is about finding exploitable traits and characteristics of plants that can be patterned together.  Drawing inspiration from native landscapes across the world, Kelly calls this lecture a lesson of ideas.  Beauty is presented on-screen.  Creativity is in the eye of the beholder, with a little coaching along the way.
Dig This:  Stylish Gardening for Savvy Gardeners
Gardeners need chic, sustainable, thriving plants for modern lifestyles. Plants after all are the very essence of fashionable gardening. Gardeners need to know the basics of gardening as well as have the opportunity to craft landscapes in their own unique style with plants that flourish sustainably for more than just a few seasons.  The horticulture industry needs to re-shift and re-tool its focus on the style conscience of the young and young-at-heart, including how to market plants to a new generation of gardeners.  Gardeners new and old have always wanted to make gardens that look like them and that reflect a personal, artistic ownership of the space outside their home, large or small.  20-something plantsman Kelly Norris will take the audience on a journey through a world of hot, functional and head-turning plants and ideas that will inspire you to craft a stylish garden that’s uniquely yours.

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