Saving Energy and Saving Money - A Kill A Watt Meter Can Help

Most of us only have a vague idea of how much electricity we use each month and almost no idea of how much electricity an individual appliance uses.  You may be wondering how inefficient an older appliance is such as a refrigerator, freezer, or TV set.  You can use a Kill A Watt meter to calculate how much electricity the appliance is using each week, month or whole year.  These meters are available for check out your local Iowa State University Extension office. 

To use the Kill A Watt meter simply plug the meter into a socket and then plug your appliance into the meter.  The meter will monitor the kilowatt hour consumption of an item and how much it costs to run and help you determine which appliances are energy abusers.

For more information or to check out an energy meter, please contact the Iowa State University Delaware County Extension office at 563-927-4201 or visit the extension office at 1417 N. Franklin, Manchester.

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