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Investing in employee financial fitness is GOOD for business!
Research says employers who offer employees easy access to quality financial programs can increase business profits by increased productivity, reduced health care costs, better choices among employee benefits, and in a variety of other ways.


Researchers have also found that financial distress spills over into the workplace, contributing to such work-related issue as personal finance-work conflict, lower organizational commitment, less pay satisfaction, work time wasted dealing with personal finances, more absenteeism, and poorer health.



Budgeting Basics

Offered online or face to face!

Examine spending habits and learn ways to manage personal finances including credit, savings and investments.  Also learn tips to decrease expenses and increase income.

Cost: $15

Length:  2 - 1 1/2 hr. session or 3 - 1 hr. sessions


Take Charge of Credit

Offered online or face to face!

Whether you are sinking in debt or just wanting to be more financially independent, this class teaches credit card terminology; strategies and tools for managing credit wisely; the advantages and disadvantages of using credit; and how the new credit card laws affect you.

Cost:  $15

Length:  2 - 1 1/2 hr. session or 3 - 1 hr.


Small Steps to Health and Wealth

Offered online or face to face!


Become motivated to improve your health and financial wellness by learning behavior change strategies that can be applied to either area of life.  Learn similarities between health and financial issues and how to identify small steps to improve.  This course is team taught by a Nutrition and Health Specialist and a Resource Management Specialist.

 Cost: $20

Length:  2 – 2 hr. sessions OR 4 - 1 hr. sessions



Employment Basics

Learn common soft skills that employees need to be successful in the workplace. Skills include: 

  • understanding learning styles
  • setting goals
  • handling emotions
  • communicating skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • team building
  • working effectively in the workplace, including balancing work and family

Cost: Varies– depends upon length of program

Length:  4 - 30 hours

Various ways to deliver...pick and choose topics.



Money Talk  

Offered online or face to face!

Money talk is a course for women.  You can learn-at-home (by mail or online) or participate in a face to face course. This 5 week course includes: 

  • financial basics
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • retirement planning
  • planning for life events. 

Cost:  $75  (includes  a 190 page book)

Length:  5 - 2 hr. sessions



  • Facilitation services are available to help your group organize and develop a health and wealth educational plan based on your group's needs and interests.
  • Some of the courses can be taught in train and trainer format.
  • Group rates available...Contact us for more details!

For more information and to arrange worksite classes, contact Susan Taylor, Family Finance Specialist, at 563-583-6496 or email

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