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Iowa State University Extension Nutrition and Health program specialists are eager to announce a new food preservation program, Preserve the Taste of Summer. It is a comprehensive program comprised of both online lessons and hands-on workshops. Preserve the Taste of Summer is a great opportunity for anyone age 18 years or older interested in learning safe food preservation techniques. Youth age 17 years and younger are welcome to participate but will need to do so with a parent or guardian in attendance.

Participation in a hands-on workshop requires the completion of the general overview online lessons and the corresponding subject matter online lesson(s). The online lessons include a general overview of 1. food safety and 2. canning basics. The online method-specific lessons include: 3. Canning acid foods,
4. Pressure canning low-acid foods, 5. Preparation and canning of pickled and fermented foods, 6. Making and preserving fruit spreads, 7. Freezing food, storage of frozen and refrigerated foods, and 8. Drying foods.

Each regionally-based workshop will begin with a brief review regarding information presented in the overview lesson. The anticipated workshops are: hot water bath canning (Salsa Making) and freezing; jams and dehydrating; pickle making; and pressure canning. 

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