Eating Well - Moving More

Eating Well - Moving More is a wellness program that helps employees make lifestyle changes in five areas that influence hypertension: weight, physical activity, diet, sodium intake, and alcohol intake.


The program offers:

  • on-site blood pressure and weight screening with individual risk assessments, before and after the series
  • eight self-study newsletters for employees, containing lifestyle behavior assessments and goal-setting materials
  • optional program(s) with ISU Extension nutrition and health specialist

FEE: $15 per person. Includes before and after assessments and 8 newsletters, distributed bi-weekly to each participant. Optional: Pedometers ($6) and exercise stretch bands ($2) available.

For more information contact Cindy Baumgartner, Nutritional and Health Program Specialist at 563-927-4201 or (cell) 563-608-0868 or email

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