Content Editing

Includes videos that pertain to the editing of content by editors

Webinar: 2-28-13

About Cropping, Content, Connect Box, & Banner Bonus.

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Webinar: 3-28-13

County Website Tips about News Articles

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Webinar: 11-7-13

How to Edit your homepage, banners, uploading a photo, editing the Connect Box, Events Sidebar, logging into your account, and Affiliated Content tip.

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Webinar: 12-5-13

Discussed that it's better to edit directly in the CMS, Document Upload file names and Announcement of Program Catalog information that replaced the former topics pages to align with the signature issues.

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Webinar: 1-9-14

Online Training Manual - About Us page, Adding Images, County Staff, Contact Us and Connect Box, Affiliated Content, 4H Pages, and Webforms.

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Related Training Manual Topics

Adding County Staff

Accessing County Staff

  1. Navigate to the About Us menu tab at the top of the page
  2. In the pull down menu, click on staff


  1. Click on Staff Directory in the blue connect box



Creating a Webform

Topics Pages

The following pages are considered Topics Pages:

4-H Pages - County

County Name 4-H & Youth

This page is considered a “Topics” page. Refer to the instructions for updating “Topics” pages.
It is intended to be the “homepage” for 4-H on your site. However, it also can share other information for youth such as babysitting classes. The url for this page is[countyname]/4h for simple marketing purposes.

Contact Us Page & Connect Box Information - County

The Contact Us page stores the information for both the Contact Us page and the Connect with Extension box (the blue box on the homepage). This way you update it in one place and it will update across the site.


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