About ISU Extension and Outreach: Davis County

Davis County has a nine-member, public elected Extension Council.  They are listed under County Extension Council.

The Davis County 4-H & Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization established in conjunction with the Davis County 4-H and Youth program and the Davis County Extension Council to provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute to the support of 4-H in Davis County.

The Davis County 4-H & Youth Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the county 4-H program.  Its responsibilities include helping 4-H members and working with club leaders.

The County Council is youth representatives from each 4-H club.  They plan activities and organize recruiting.




October 13, 2014

Davis County Extension Office

7:00 p.m. 

1)      Call the Meeting to Order   


 Craig Amstutz, Chair


2)      Roll Call and Introductions


3) Approval of Agenda

Craig Amstutz, Chair


4) Open Forum


5)      Secretary’s  Report 

Debbie Jarr, Secretary

·         Minutes of the last meeting

·         Approval of minutes


6)      Treasurer’s Report

Rhonda Miller, Treasurer

  •  Approval of vouchers
  • Approval of financial statement

7)      Old Business

        a.  Upcoming programming for year - Stephanie Knox


        b.  Insurance coverage reviewed


        c.  Building improvement report update (with timeline)

             1.  Brick work - waiting for bid & old sign on back of builiding

             2.  Chair rack

             3.  Table & chairs

             4.  Light fixtures in hallway


        d.  4-H Youth Staff Conference 

         8)      New Business

                a.  Snow removal bid

                b.  Bid for sealing basement tile

                c.  Evaluations - who will do and when

9)    Reports


        a.  Extension Council Committees


        b.  Staff & Program Specialist - Day camp and NEST reports


        c.  Regional


        d.  IACEC


        e.  4-H & Youth Committee


        f.  Fairboard


        g.  County 4-H Foundation


10)      Next Meeting


11)     Adjourn           


September Extension Council Minutes

August 4-H & Youth Committee Minutes

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