Creating a Webform

  1. Content Management > Create Content > Webform
  2. Give the form a Title
  3. Enter any content you want to appear above the form fields in the Body field (OPTIONAL)
  4. OPTIONAL -- Edit the Publications & Materials or How Extension Helps fields (If nothing is in these fields, they won’t show)

    1. Publications box. Use this box to promote publications related to the page or topic.

      1. Add a title by changing a short line of text to a Heading 6 format to create a heading for your box.
    2. How Extension Helps – Use this box to link to promote how ISUEO is impacting Iowa
  5. To add the form fields, you must save the page. Save.
  6. Now you will go to a Webform tab.
  7. Under the Webform Tab, there are three pages Form Components (where you enter your fields), Emails (where you add email address to receive notification), Form settings (where you edit the confirmation page, etc.)
  8. Add fields by adding the name of the component and selecting the Type

    1. Notice there are different types for common things like Date, Email, File, etc. By choosing the type, you will get different options for displaying and managing the field.
    2. You can also make the field required by checking the Mandatory box.
    3. Click Add to add the field.

  9. When you click add you are given options for your field.

    1. You can give it a description, check if it is required or if it must be unique (not recommended) and give a max length.
    2. You can also set the width of the field (use smaller width for a small data like phone)
    3. You can put a label next to it.
    4. Submit.
    5. Repeat these past four steps (starting with the indented 1. under step #9). to add more fields.
  10. Now you must configure the form to notify you of a submission. Go to Emails under the Webform tab.

    1. Enter the email address that should receive notifications of responses.
    2. Click Add.

    4. You will get a page of options for this email address.
    5. Subject – you can choose the default email, enter your own or use a field from your form as the subject line. (Recommend either default or your own)
    6. Email From Address - you can choose the default email, enter your own or use a field from your form as the subject line. (Recommend either default or your own)
    7. Email From Name - you can choose the default email, enter your own or use a field from your form as the subject line. (Recommend either default or your own)
    8. You can also adjust the format of the email that is sent. (Recommend leaving this as is)

      1. Under Included email values – you can check which fields you want to see in your email. If you don’t include them in the email, you can still get to them through the submission URL that will appear in the email.
    9. Save Email Settings.
  11. Now you must configure the confirmation page and other settings. Go to Form Settings under the Webform tab.
    1. Enter your confirmation message into the field.
    2. Select the redirect location.

      1. Confirmation Page – sends the user to a standard confirmation page that only shows your message.
      2. Custom URL – If you create a separate confirmation page through Create Content > Web Page, you can add the URL here.
      3. No redirect (reload current page) – Your confirmation message will appear at the top of your webform page. (Recommended)
    3. Submission limit – you may set a limit if you want.
    4. Submission access – You may set this form up to only show to certain roles. If you want the general public to be able to submit, Anonymous user needs to be checked. (Recommend leaving these as is)
    5. Under Advanced Settings, you can add more functionality. Leave these as is.

      1. Only one you could consider changing is the Submit Button Text. This will change the text on the submission button from the default “Submit” to whatever you enter here.
    6. Save Configuration
    7. Go to View to see your form and test it.
    8. If it says unpublished, go to Edit > Publishing Options > check the box “Published” > Save

Downloading the Results

This functionality is not working right now, though it should be. We are looking into it.

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