Andrea Nelson

Andrea Nelson

Regional Extension Education Director, Region 13

Administration, 4-H

Jeff Jackson

Executive Director
515-993-4281 Cell: 712-260-5451

Community Relations Liaison, Programs Coordinator, Educator, Dallas County Extension Council, and Administration.

Lisa Mickelson

Lisa Mickelson

Extension Educator

Families, Youth and Issues Programming

Aleta Cochran

County Youth Coordinator
(515) 993-4281

4-H, Master Gardener and Ag programs.

Myra Willms

Early Childhood Quality Enhancement Educator

Early Childhood Environments

Val Cameron

Preschool Enrichment Coordinator


Karmen Weddle

Karmen Weddle

Office Assistant
(515) 993-4281

Kathy Beni

Project Assistant

Sara Tessmer

Buy Eat Live Healthy Program Educator
(515) 462-1001
Marisue Hartung

Marisue Hartung

4-H Youth Program Specialist
(515) 993-4281

Cheryl Clark

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life
(515) 727-0656

Family Life: quality child care, parenting education, family decision making for later years, dealing with stress, change, and loss, building family strengths

Rosa Gonzalez

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life
(515) 490-2298

Carolyn Steckelberg

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Finance
(515) 957-5795

Jon Wolseth

Community Development Field Specialist
(515) 509-0558

Latino community development, Latino business development, youth engagement

Colin Johnson

Interim Swine Field Specialist
(515) 291-9287

Swine production systems, breeding, genetics, reproduction, nutrition, management, housing, manure and waste management, herd health, marketing, and pork quality

Kapil Arora

Ag Engineering Field Specialist
515-382-6551 or 515-291-0174

Water Quality, Soil Conservation Practices, Manure Management, Composting, Environmental Regulations

Tiffany Berkenes

Tiffany Berkenes

4-H Youth Program Specialist, Region 13
Lisa Green

Lisa Green

4-H Youth Program Specialist, Region 13

Joe Hannan

Commercial Horticulture Field Specialist

Fruit and Vegetable Production and Management

Mark Johnson

Field Agronomist
(515) 382-6551

Educational programs for agronomic resource management with emphasis in: crop production and protection; soil fertility; manure nutrient management; soil and water quality; soil conservation and land use; and soil survey use.

Steve Johnson

Farm & Agriculture Business Management Program Specialist
515- 957-5790

Mary Krisco

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Health
(515) 957-5787
Natasha Neal

Natasha Neal

Advancement/Public Relations Specialist

Joe Sellers

Beef Program Specialist

Production background (20+ years) in beef, swine, and sheep operations; beef, sheep, and swine ration analysis; beef cattle crossbreeding and EPDs; facility design and troubleshooting; enterprise record and SPA analysis; livestock budgets, share arrangements

Margaret Van Ginkel

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Finance

Mike White

Viticulture Specialist

Derek Thompson

Manufacturing Account Manager


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