What does it take to be a 4-H or 4-H Clover Kids club leader?


Leader Time Involvement:

  • At least six hours of program/meeting time with Clover Kids per year (Sept.—May or June)

  • Prep time for meetings can be 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the activity or project

  • Required volunteer training (see below)

Leader Responsibilities:

  • Plan and facilitate age-appropriate activities for K-3 grade children with minimal supervision from professional staff

  • Promote learning, interest and participation in the program for members and parents

  • Communicate with 4-H staff as well as Clover Kid families about monthly meetings, county events, payment of fees and enrollment through 4HOnline, etc.

  • Comply with all aspects of Iowa State University’s Child Protection and Safety Policy and Iowa State University’s mandate to be non-discriminatory


  • Satisfaction of helping children develop skills that will help them throughout their lives

  • Opportunities for continuous personal growth

  • Appreciation from youth and parents who love the program!

Training Requirements:

  • New Volunteer Training. To be completed within 1 year of becoming a new leader.  Consists of 3 hours of face-to-face training in addition to 1 hour of pre-work.

  • Yearly State Required Training. Training that strengthens one’s positive youth development knowledge and skills. New topic each year. Normally 2 hours in length.

  • County Specific Training. Held in early fall to give leaders the tools to have a great 4-H year.

What volunteer opportunities are there with Dallas County 4-H aside from being a club leader?

Are you talented in photography, woodworking, cooking, technology or any other skill you'd be willing to share? We're always looking for people to host a learning workshop for our 4-H members! We also have opportunities to volunteer during the county fair. Contact us for more information: (515) 993-4281 or xdallas@iastate.edu


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