Dallas County Extension to Offer Free Canning Workshop

Canning is an age-old practice that originated in 1795 and has since been widely used as a food preservation method. Perhaps you have fond memories of canning pickles, fruits and jellies with your mother or grandmother, or maybe the phrase “hot-water bath” in your mind is a way to relax instead of a method of making jam. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, Food Preservation 101, can provide you with a solid foundation for brushing up on or learning a new skill.
Taught by ISU Extension Nutrition and Health Program Specialist Mary Krisco, this family-friendly workshop will touch on the art of drying, freezing, pickling, hot-water bath and pressure canning methods. Learn about the equipment, time and money needed to successfully preserve your food items while also learning to avoid common mistakes. Because this class is instructional and not participatory, attendees will be able to take home recipes as well as detailed how-to information.
Food Preservation 101 will take place on Wednesday, May 14 from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Adel Public Library. Contact Christina Schalk, Head Start Family Advocate, at (712) 830-1327 or cschalk@newopp.org to register for this free class.
Also, a reminder to canners, ISU Extension and Outreach of Dallas County offers year-long canner testing. Bring in your lids to get the gauge and seal checked. Call ahead to the office at (515) 993-4281 if you would like to take advantage of this service.   

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