4-H Youth Participate in Communications Event

 It comes as no surprise public speaking has been a fear topping most charts-- sometimes it trumps spiders and heights. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach of Dallas County 4-H’ers showed no fear, however, during the Communications Event on April 12, 2014.
Youth chose to show either an educational presentation or a working exhibit to a panel of judges. Educational presentations were judged by subject selection, content, delivery, workmanship, personal appearance, ability to handle questions and audience interest. Working exhibits are informal speeches where the presenter takes a more interactive approach with the audience. They are judged based on the suitability and knowledge of the topic, approach, techniques used and the involvement of the viewers.
Sixteen educational presentations were delivered. Purple ribbons were awarded to Carly Kuhse for Okapis and Animal Adaptions and Jarrett Orman for Line One Breeding. Blue ribbons were awarded to Emily Coghlan for Iowa Blue Chicken, Ian Williams for Landscape Glass, Maya Shirley-Brown for Alvin McDonald; A Wind Cave Explorer, Kaydee Bennett for Sheep Care, Rachel Johnson on Furry Friends, Jackson and Kailee Allen for Cat Show Success, Drew Storey for Pick and Pack a Backpack and Jessica Jean forParty Planning.
Six presentations and two working exhibits were selected to go on to the 2014 Iowa State Fair. The presentations were delivered by Makayla Bauer on Sleep, Kennedy Cowles on Dwarf Hamsters, Kylee Cowles on Greek Mythology, Melia Moss on Make Your Own Vanilla, Hannah Ashley on Get Involved! and Jarrett Orman on Colic in Horses. Working exhibits chosen were Zach Stewart on Magic and Grace Stewart on Optical Illusions. The public can see these young adults deliver their presentations again at the Dallas County Fair on July 10 at 2 p.m.
Clover Kids, a 4-H program for kindergarten through 3rd grade, also had the opportunity to present during this year’s Communications Event. Jacey Orman gave a speech on Barrel Racing, Kaylin Wachter onCooking, Haylee Wachter on Rubberband 100m, Brock Jean on Let’s Make a Rainbow and Wes Williams on Chocolate Nests.
Dallas County Extension is proud of the professionalism and courage displayed by these 4-H members. Those interested in enrolling their son or daughter in 4-H should contact the Extension office at (515) 993-4281. 

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