Managing & Marketing Quality Holstein Steers Proceedings

Table of Contents

Dairy Beef General Session

Breakout I - Nutrition of Wet Calves
Breakout II - Nutrition: Growing and Finishing
Breakout III - Housing and Management
Breakout IV - Feedlot Nutritional Management
Breakout V - Breeding, Genetics, & Grazing
Breakout VI - Markets and Risk Management
Breakout VII - Health and Disease Management
Breakout VIII - Meat Quality & Industry Perspective
  • Yield and Quality of Holstein-Beef [Dan Schaefer, University of Wisconsin]
Panel Discussion - Implant Strategies
  • Facilities for Feeding Holstein and Beef Cattle [Steven Rust, Michigan State University]
  • My Experience with Monoslopes [Trent Linkmeyer, Iowa Producer]
  • Remodeling Dairy Barns for Dairy Beef Housing [David Kammel, University of Wisconsin]
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