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Cereal Rye Cover Crops, Allelopathy and Corn

4/23/2014 - Thinking about planting cereal rye as a cover crop? This article details management considerations.

Terminating Cover Crops

4/14/2014 - Cover crops offer many benefits, but they can compete with crops if not completely controlled at planting.

Start Scouting for Alfalfa Weevil with Updated Economic Thresholds

4/11/2014 - Based on accumulated temperatures since January, weevils are active in southern Iowa now and scouting to monitor for larval activity should start in southwestern Iowa this weekend.

Predicted Mortality of Bean Leaf Beetle Is Highest in 25 years

4/9/2014 - Overwintering beetle populations are expected to be low this year. Find out why producers should still consider scouting soybean fields, especially in southern Iowa.

Soybean Seedling Disease: What Have We Learned?

4/4/2014 - A new publication, webinars and survey results are available to those wanting to learn more about soybean seedling disease.

Myths and Facts about Residue Breakdown

4/4/2014 - The use of tillage or N application to increase resident decomposition can be counterproductive from economic and environmental perspectives.

Compressed Spring Workload in 2014? What are Nitrogen Application Options?

4/1/2014 - Wondering about options for applying nitrogen fertilizer this spring? This article offers information about preplant, sidedress and mid-to-late vegetative stage applications.

Spring Tillage Pitfalls

3/14/2014 - Farmers are advised to minimize the use of tillage during the spring. Tilling in wet conditions can lead to potential negative soil and agronomic outcomes.

Midwest Cover Crops Council Surveying Soybean Growers and Agronomists

3/13/2014 - If you are a North Central Region soybean farmer or CCA/Agronomist advising soybean farmers, your input is needed on cover crop use in soybean systems.

Black Cutworm Monitoring 2014: We Need Your Help!

2/26/2014 - The Integrated Pest Management program is looking for volunteers to scout for cutworm moths this spring.

Efficacy Tests of Foliar Fungicides on Soybean Diseases and Yield during 2012 and 2013 Growing Seasons in Northeast Iowa

2/21/2014 - Foliar, stem and root diseases of soybean are significant components of yield loss for crop producers. Use of fungicides is a management option, and this study tested the efficacy of fungicides on disease control and yield during 2012 and 2013.

Pesticide Record Keeping App Now Available For Android

2/21/2014 - Extension and Outreach's Pesticide and Field Records app is now available to Android users; this app helps producers and agriculture businesses record and maintain pesticide application information.

New ‘Focus on Soybean’ Talk Offers Knowledge, Management Tactics for Battling Soybean Root and Stem Rots

2/20/2014 - Seedling diseases can result in early stand loss if conditions are particularly wet. Using resistant varieties and using management practices including seed treatments, tillage and soil moisture management are the best defense.

2/20/2014 -

Palmer Amaranth in Iowa Update

2/20/2014 - There are known infestations of Palmer amaranth in five Iowa counties: Davis, Fremont, Harrison, Muscatine and Page. It is likely new infestations will be discovered. Knowing how to identify Palmer amaranth is the best tool to limit its spread.

What is soil health and how can we improve it?

2/19/2014 - To understand soil health, it is important to understand how a living, dynamic and changing environment can affect a soil's biological, physical and chemical functions.

Be Wary of High SCN Numbers in 2014

2/10/2014 - The soybean cyst nematode is always a threat to Iowa’s soybean crop. This article explains why SCN may be even more menacing in soybean fields in 2014.

Management Practices Considerations

1/24/2014 - Management practices that protect soil health and sustain productivity are economically and environmentally necessary.

ISU Extension and Outreach Offers Soil Fertility Short Course

1/21/2014 - A two-day short course focusing on principles of soils, soil fertility and nutrient management will be offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Feb. 18-19.

Trial Results Show Dual Benefits of SCN Resistance

1/17/2014 - Resistant soybean varieties often provide better yields than susceptible varieties in fields where the targeted pathogens and pests are presents. But have you ever thought about the pathogen control offered by the resistant varieties? Results of Iowa State University experiments from 2013 reveal the dual benefits provided by growing SCN-resistant soybean varieties in fields infested with the nematode.

ISU Extension Offers Field Crop Scout School

1/17/2014 - Register today for the Field Crop Scout School scheduled for March 8 in Ames.

Evaluation of Foliar Fungicides and Insecticides on Soybean in 2013

1/8/2014 - In 2013, Iowa State University staff assessed foliar fungicides and insecticide use on soybeans at seven locations across Iowa.