Iowa State Provides Assistance to Growing Number of Family Caregivers

Powerful tools photo

People across Iowa are learning to thrive, not just survive, as they provide care to their loved ones who are chronically ill, aging or have a disability.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers,” a six-week series of classes provided by Human Sciences Extension and Outreach, gives participants the tools they need to address the challenges of caregiving.

Participants learn skills to reduce stress, improve caregiving confidence, establish balance in their lives, communicate needs, make tough decisions, and locate helpful resources. They create weekly action plans to help them achieve these objectives.

“These tools are taught in a safe and supportive atmosphere,” said Donna Donald, a human sciences extension specialist serving southern Iowa. She said the goals of the program align well with the mission of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach to keep people healthy.

See the complete story from the College of Human Sciences.

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