Fall Commercial Pesticide Applicator Training Recertification Courses Offered in Crawford County

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Below is a list of Commercial Pesticide Applicator Trainings (C-CIC) that are offered at the Crawford County. All applicators and employers listed in the IDALS database will be sent a card. This mailing will be a large postcard listing all C-CICs for the season as well as a list of all county offices. Study manuals can be ordered at the Extension office. Call 712-263-4697 for more information.

Continuing Instruction Course



Aquatic, Forest, and Roadside Pest Management
Categories 2 (Forest Pest), 5 (Aquatic Pest), 6 (Right-of-Way), and 10 (Research and Demonstration)
10/16/13 9am
Mosquito and Public Health Pest Management
Categories 7D (Community Insect), 8 (Public Health Pest) and 10 (Research and Demonstration)
10/24/13 9am
Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators
Categories: 3O (Ornamental Pest), 3T (Turf Pest), 3OT (Ornamental and Turf Pest), and 10(Research and Demonstration)
11/06/13 1:30pm
Commercial Ag Weed, Insect, and Plant Disease Management
Categories: 1A (Agricultural Weed), 1B (Agricultural Insect), 1C (Agricultural Crop Disease), and 10 (Research and Demonstration)
11/13/13 9am
Categories 7C (Fumigation) and 10 (Research and Demonstration)
11/19/13 9am
Pest Control Operators
Categories 7A (General & Household Pest), 7B (Termite), 8 (Public Health), and 10 (Research and Demonstration)


12/04/13 9am
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