Crawford County 4-H/FFA Horse Show

Crawford County 4-H/FFA Horse Show

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Crawford County Fairgrounds, Denison, Iowa

Registration 8:00 A.M. Show Time 9 A.M.


  1. Halter-Miniature horses under 38”                            
  2. Halter – Ponies under 57”
  3. Halter ­­- Horse 2 years & under                  
  4. Halter – Aged Mares 3 & over
  5. Halter – Aged Geldings 3 & over
  6. Yearling Longe-line
  7. Senior Showmanship
  8. Intermediate Showmanship
  9. Junior Showmanship
  10. Senior Bareback Horsemanship
  11. Intermediate Bareback Horsemanship
  12. Junior Bareback Horsemanship
  13. Ride-A-Buck (8 grade and over)
  14. Ride-A-Buck( 7 grade and under)
  15. Senior Trail
  16. Intermediate Trail
  17. Junior Trail
  18. Miniature Trail (In hand)
  19. Miniature Jumping(In hand)


  1. English Equitation
  2. English Pleasure

* The show will be in the outside arena.  If    it rains the show will be in the indoor arena.

* Lunch is available on grounds.

* Entry fee is $5.00 per class or $20.00 per day per exhibitor per horse.  Each class will be awarded 5 placings.

*Any exhibitor showing in classes 22 & 23 may not show in any class requiring a canter.

*No horse or pony may be shown unless it has been properly identified as a 4-H project through the County Extension Office. Each exhibitor must have a signed 4-H Horse and Pony identification copy at the show.


  1. Beginner Walk Trot Pleasure
  2. Beginner Walk Trot Horsemanship
  3. Pony Pleasure
  4. 2 & 3 Year Old Pleasure
  5. Senior Western Pleasure
  6. Intermediate Western Pleasure
  7. Junior Western Pleasure
  8. Senior Western Horsemanship
  9. Intermediate Western Horsemanship
  10. Junior Western Horsemanship
  11. Senior Egg Race
  12. Intermediate Egg Race
  13. Junior Egg Race
  14. Senior Barrels
  15. Intermediate Barrels
  16. Junior Barrels
  17. Senior Poles 
  18. Intermediate Poles
  19. Junior Poles

* Exhibitors must wear blue jeans, a long sleeved white shirt with the 4-H emblem or arm band, western hat or helmet, and hard soled shoes or boots.  English classes require English attire with 4-H emblem.  ASTM/SEI certified helmets are required every ride, every time.

* Good sportsmanship will prevail.  Abuse of horses will not be tolerated.  No bats or whips.  Each exhibitor must keep his or her horse under control or they will be will be excused from the ring.

* NOT responsible for accidents.

For more information contact:  Crawford County Extension Office at 712-263-4697

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