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January 22, 2016

Business Solutions for Farms and Agribusiness from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. 

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January 6, 2016

We again focus on transition cows as a means to increase our profits. Often we hear how costly good transition cow facilities are but we again need to remember that every cow in the herd occupies this facility for some of the most critical days of her dairy production career.

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December 31, 2015

Barely into fall but a little snow, a few freezing temps, and some crazy wind chills have raised questions and concerns about winter teat problems! We’re there again, and the same old question pops up: To dip or not to dip? If so, with what? And what else can we do to stop winter teat problems? Let’s start with why dip?

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December 8, 2015

The five foot deep soil moisture levels for several NW Iowa locations were again analyzed on or about the first of November this year – as happens almost every year. Remember, five feet of our soils will hold about 11 inches of water for our crop at field capacity (when excess water has drained from the profile.)

Feedlot photo
February 2, 2015

The Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University will offer several workshops focusing on choices in feedlot facilities in February and March 2015. Russ Euken, ISU Extension and Outreach beef program specialist, said the workshops, set in various locations throughout the state, will offer an overview of facility types, advantages and disadvantages, and review research on these types.

June Newsletter

Statewide Resources

  • Works to promote efficient pork production technologies in Iowa, maintain Iowa's pork industry leadership and strengthen rural development efforts.

  • Your link to Master Equine Manager, Grazing News, and information on educational opportunities throughout the year.

  • Bringing the benefits of veterinary medicine to society by promoting animal welfare and public health through the on-going education of veterinarians and the dissemination of animal health production, food safety and animal welfare information to veterinarians, livestock producers, consumers, and related clientele.

  • Research-based, peer-reviewed, practical, and affordable publications on a number of topics relative to agriculture.

  • Agricultural economics and business resources to help make sound management decisions for your business or farming operation.

  • Enhancing Dairy Profits and Quality of Life

  • Working to develop and deliver the latest in research-based information to improve the profitability and vitality of Iowa’s beef industry.

  • To add value to the egg industry by facilitating research and learning for egg producers, processors and consumers through national and international collaboration.

  • Comprehensive information on manure management, research and application for Iowa.

  •  Information on livestock housing systems, general construction and ventilation and animal environment.

  • The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is an electronic, national resource for producers interested in value-added agriculture. Browse commodities and products, investigate market and industry trends, study business creation and operation, read research results and locate value-added resources.

  • The Value Added Agriculture Program (VAAP) provides unbiased, science-based information to help establish or expand agricultural-related businesses in Iowa.

Agriculture and Natural Resources has many resources to help Iowans. Get a list of them all here.

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