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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach: Crawford County

ISU Extension and Outreach is part of Iowa State University. We take the university’s research and turn it into learning opportunities for Iowans.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 4:30

 Custom Rates 2015

Cash Rental Rates 2015

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 Iowa State Fair August 13-23, 2015

County News

Farm Scene
July 29, 2015

 Topics Include:

· Iowa Cash Rental Rate Survey · Iowa Land Values Survey · Comparison of different types of leases · Impacts of yields and prices· Calculating a fair cash rent· Use of spreadsheets for leasing decisions · Lease termination

July 29, 2015

When obesity is a national emergency, a serious dedication to a healthy diet hardly seems like a bad thing. But, for some, a fixation on healthy eating develops into an obsession. If someone refuses to eat food that is not "pure," starts skipping family meals or dinners out, rejects food they once loved, or can’t bring themselves to eat a meal they haven’t prepared with their own hands, they may be suffering from an emerging disordered eating pattern called orthorexia.

Elderly picture
July 29, 2015

 Adults age 51+ should consume 2 to 2 ½ cups of vegetables every day. It is im-portant to include a variety of colors and types of vegetables because they provide many different nutrients to the body.

Colten Jepsen
July 20, 2015

Forty Iowa youth are beginning their new terms as State 4-H Council members. They were inducted during the closing ceremonies of the 2015 Iowa 4-H Youth Conference on July 2.

4-H Clover
July 14, 2015

Featured "At Work for Iowa" article

Marking its 30th anniversary, Iowa Concern embraces all Iowans. They can connect 24/7 to discuss tough issues facing their communities, their families or themselves.

Iowa State University Extension & Outreach News

July 21, 2015 03:24 PM

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach recently hired Jennifer Drinkwater, associate professor in art and visual culture in the...

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