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June 5, 2014
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May 28, 2014
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May 15, 2014
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May 5, 2014

Off to a good start? We are fortunate in this part of the state to have a start at corn planting. Some of my counterparts across Iowa have indicated that little has been done, and there is significant water standing in fields. I hope we get a good window of opportunity to continue our progress soon. The Ag Statistics crop report summaries would say that we average about 4.5 suitable field work days per week at this time of year. I hope we get at least that much next week!  

March 31, 2014

Thoughts as We Move Towards Spring: I have frequently been asked how deep the frost got this winter. I am certain that depends a lot on how much cover was over the ground when it got really cold. But, I do know that at 50 inches it got close to freezing at our NW Iowa weather monitoring stations, but it never got below freezing at that depth at almost all sites. These sites have sensors planted in the soil at 4", 1’, 2’, and 50" deep.

Statewide Resources

  • Information that protects and enhances the economic value of Iowa’s agriculture and horticulture, by educating growers and the general public about plant diseases and science.

  • Information on Pesticide Applicator Training, Integrated Pest Management, and related environmental programs.

  • The Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnosis of plant problems (plant diseases, insect damage, and assessment of herbicide damage) and the identification of insects and weeds from the field, garden, and home.

  • Providing direct, unbiased comparisons of corn hybrids and soybean varieties, in a number of different environments.

  • Daily 4” soil temperatures for Iowa counties to assist with crop management decisions and nutrient applications.

  • Educating producers, consumers and policy makers in the research and extension activities in organic agriculture both on-farm and at Iowa State University.

  • The Iowa Soil and Land Use site provides data related to the agricultural and non-agricultural uses of Iowa land to help you determine the right use for your soil.

  • Entryway to crop production, soil and nutrient management, weed management, and ag weather information.

  • Insecticide evaluation reports and information on specific pests of economic significance to Iowa crop production.

  • Grain handling, agricultural machine design, precision farming systems, soil tillage and management, and agricultural drainage.

  • Comprehensive information on manure management, research and application for Iowa.

  • Your source for comprehensive crop production news and information from Iowa State University specialists and agronomists.

  • Iowa Learning Farms is building a Culture of Conservation, calling attention to the importance of improved water and soil quality through conservation farming practices.

  • Knowledge and information that improves the efficiency of traditional commodity grain markets and assists emerging markets for user-specific grains.

  • Agricultural economics and business resources to help make sound management decisions for your business or farming operation.

  • Find resources on soil nutrients, nutrient management, soil sampling and testing, interpretations and recommendations.

Agriculture and Natural Resources has to many resources to help Iowans. Get a list of them all here.

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