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Joel Dejong
August 18, 2016

Be on the Look Out for Palmer Amaranth - This past week proved to be an interesting one as Palmer amaranth was confirmed in some new counties, bringing the total up to 9 at this time. The closest to this area is Crawford County. New infestations have been found in newly-seeded CRP fields and pollinator habitat.

Joel DeJong
August 2, 2016

A Mixed Bag of Precipitation– Today I was looking at the rainfall totals for the last 45 days (June 15 to August 1) from several sites around Iowa and the NW corner, in particular. The site I was using is the Mesonet Automated Data Plotter.

Joel DeJong
June 13, 2016

Corn growth and development – I see that many cornfields are starting to approach the V-6 (six collar) stage of growth. According to the ISU publication titled “Corn Growth and Development,” at V-6 we have initiated growth for all the leaves, the tassel, and ear shoots, although many aren’t visible without a microscope. Full ear potential isn’t completed yet – but we have a start!

Joel's photo
June 1, 2016

Soybean Yield Potential – It’s been an interesting (but not necessarily a good) year trying to get the crop planted in NW Iowa.  For corn, as mentioned in my last edition, the Corn Replant Checklist might be of help to you. Here are a couple of soybean tables on the effect of planting date on yield potential and on the yield potential of different populations from a 2014 article by Mark Licht, ISU Extension Cropping Systems Agronomist, titled “Early Season Soybean Replant Decisions” that might be of help in making decisions.

Joel's photo
May 9, 2016

Yesterday I saw a few emerged corn plants.  So I wanted to see how the plants were emreging, so I went to a Plymouth County field that was planted on April 12. 

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