Planter Clean-Out Procedures for Identity Preserved Grain
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Iowa State University (ISU) Extension, Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. and the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative (IGQI) have teamed up to develop the "Planter Clean-out Procedures for Corn and Soybeans" video.

Based on a publication developed by Mark Hanna, the program provides an overview of why planter clean-out is important, general planter clean-out procedures and specific clean-out procedures for several planter types.

"Actual clean-out procedures for a number of the planters range from one or two minutes up to three or four extra minutes per row unit," says Hanna. "So, even for a 12-row planter we might be talking about just an extra half hour or 40 minutes."

The video was produced by ISU Extension staff, including Hanna, at one of ISU's research farms. Pioneer provided video footage and a grant for production of the program along with an identity preservation specialist to provide technical assistance. IGQI provided additional technical assistance support for development of the clean-out procedures.

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VID 41: Planter Clean-Out Procedures for Corn and Soybeans


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PM 1903: Case IH 1200 Series

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