Sharing Our Story and the 2013 Annual Report


The 2013 Annual Report is now available on the Our Story website. You can use a downloadable pdf, an electronic postcard, and a PowerPoint presentation to share the report, and you can direct stakeholders to the Our Story website to review the report and other videos throughout the year.

Our stakeholders — clients, citizens, partners, funders and public policy leaders — hold us accountable. They want to know that their investments in ISU Extension and Outreach are improving quality of life in Iowa. Being able to tell our story in a way that they will remember (and share with others) is critical to our ability to survive and thrive.

2013 Annual Report


Video and Web Page

The 2013 Annual Report video is part of “Our Story,” a website full of video stories that feature how ISU Extension and Outreach is making a difference for Iowans. Please share the links to the 2013 Annual Report and the entire Our Story website.

  • Send to partners and community leaders via email using the provided electronic postcard.
  • Share our successes via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and other electronic means.
  • Add to the conversation by sharing your experiences.

The Web pages also feature share buttons that can be used to highlight specific content or the overall report.

Web Page Banner

County Web Editors: Please replace the 2012 annual report banner image with this one.

2013 annual report banner image

Electronic Postcard

Right click on this image, chose "copy image" from the drop-down menu, and paste the image into a new e-mail message.

2013 Annual Report: Making a Difference for Iowans

Underneath the image in your email, copy and paste the following text. Also link the words "Our Story website" to and link "2013 annual report" to the annual report Web page, 

In 2013, nearly a million people directly benefited from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach educational programs. We’re focused on

•    Feeding people,
•    Keeping them healthy,
•    Helping their communities to prosper and thrive, and
•    Turning the world over to the next generation better than we found it.

Visit the Our Story website and review our 2013 annual report to see how we are making a difference for Iowans.


Download and print as needed. The piece uses infographics to highlight 2013 quick facts and financials from ISU Extension and Outreach. Use this as a leave-behind piece when meeting with community partners, then follow up with an e-postcard that takes them directly to the site.


Each campus and county office received an 18" x 36" poster featuring the quick facts infographic. Please display your poster in a prominent office location and frame it for added emphasis. Additional copies are available on the Extension Online Store at no cost. To find it, log in and search for CER 1316B.

PowerPoint Presentation

Download the Powerpoint Presentation. It uses infographics to highlight 2013 quick facts from ISU Extension and Outreach.

  • The presentation is designed as a "stand alone" piece. For example, you could have it running at the start of a meeting as your group gathers.
  • You may copy individual slides from the presentation and add them to the ISU Extension and Outreach PowerPoint template if they would be appropriate for a slideshow you are preparing to present to a particular group.

Our Story Website


Thank you for using the 2013 Annual Report and the Our Story website to help others recognize the value of ISU Extension and Outreach.