Extension on Campus

Our connection with Iowa State University

Iowa State University Extension personnel are members of departments and colleges all across the Iowa State campus. ISU Extension specialists – those located on campus and those in the counties – have the responsibility to connect Iowans (and people beyond the state’s borders) with the research of the university. Many campus-based ISU Extension specialists also serve as faculty or researchers or have additional responsibilities in their department or college. Their work is as multi-faceted as their topics – shared with Iowans and people around the globe through publications, websites, blogs, trainings, workshops, curricula and other ways that engage people in research-based educational experiences.

Meet some of the campus-based ISU Extension specialists

Watch "It Starts With Me: Jesse Randall" to learn how one Extension employee impacts Iowans everyday.

ISU Extension's Program Areas

ISU Extension provides education on topics from agriculture to business and industry to community development and family issues to youth programs.