2013 4-H State Project Award Winners: Calhoun, Clay, Dallas, Guthrie, Ida and Iowa Counties

  • Calhoun County 4-H’er Raeann Hanlon, Churdan, received a state 4-H sewing and needle arts project award. Hanlon, 17, is the daughter of Eugenia Hamilton.

An eight-year 4-H member, Hanlon has completed projects on leadership, citizenship, child development, sewing and needle arts, and communication. She has served as president, historian and fundraising committee chair of her 4-H club. Hanlon has participated in her county 4-H council and National 4-H Congress.

“I have had a great experience in 4-H,” said Hanlon. “It has helped me grow and become a better person.”

  • Clay County 4-H’er Madison Schwenneker, Spencer, received a state 4-H communication project award. Schwenneker, 15, is the daighter of Tim and Kristen Schwenneker.

A seven-year 4-H member, Schwenneker has completed projects on communication, citizenship, sewing, beef and visual art. She has served as president, treasurer and secretary. Schwenneker has participated in her county 4-H council, Citizenship-Washington Focus and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

“4-H has helped me by giving me guidance and knowledge to be a better citizen,” said Schwenneker.

[PHOTO] Madison Schwenneker

  • Dallas County 4-H’er Emma Skahill, Earlham, received a state 4-H citizenship project award. Skahill, 16, is the daughter of Eldonna and Mark Skahill.

A seven-year member of 4-H, Skahill has completed projects on citizenship, food and nutrition, home improvement, photography and sheep. She has served as president, secretary and recreation leader of her 4-H club. Skahill has participated in the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference and state 4-H council.

“I am so thankful for my 4-H experiences,” said Skahill. “I have gained self-confidence, courage when it comes to public speaking, and an ability to talk with all people of all ages and circumstances.”

[PHOTO] Emma Skahill

  • Guthrie County 4-H’er Veda Sword, Panora, received a state 4-H visual art project award. Sword, 17, is the daughter of Javin and Christina Sword.

An eight-year 4-H member, Sword has completed projects on art, dogs and horses. She has served as youth committee secretary, treasurer and vice president of her 4-H club. Sword has participated in the county youth committee, Citizenship-Washington Focus and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

“I knew from an early age that I loved art,” said Sword. “My experiences in 4-H have helped me to decide exactly why it was that I loved art so much, and what I could do with it in the future.”

[PHOTO] Veda Sword

  • Ida County 4-H’er Arielle Wolterman, Ida Grove, received a state 4-H photography project award. Wolterman, 17, is the daughter of Beth and Brian Wolterman.

An eight-year 4-H member, Wolterman has completed projects on photography, visual art, leadership, citizenship and woodworking. She has served as vice president, secretary, treasurer and public relations officer of her 4-H club. Wolterman has participated in her county 4-H council, county youth committee, the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference, as well as area and state 4-H council.

“4-H has been a huge part of my life and has made me more ambitious, more confident and more responsible,” said Wolterman.

  • Iowa County 4-H’er Neil Welsh, Williamsburg, received a state 4-H mechanics project award. Welsh, 17, is the son of Bob and Nancy Welsh.

An eight-year 4-H member, Welsh has completed projects on mechanics, welding, beef, communication, photography and crop production. He has served as president, treasurer and secretary of his 4-H club. Welsh participated in his county 4-H council and the Iowa 4-H youth conference.

“4-H has helped make me the person I am today,” said Welsh. “I have been able to gain valuable skills to use in the future.”

[PHOTO] Neil Welsh