4-H'ers from Buchanan, Calhoun, Clayton, Dallas and Fayette Counties Earn 2011 State 4-H Project Awards


AMES, Iowa -- The following 4-H’ers have earned state 4-H project awards. A state 4-H project award is the highest achievement 4-H’ers can receive in project work. Each student also received a $100 savings bond from the Mary Jo and Glen Mente Endowment and the Iowa 4-H Foundation. 

  • Buchanan County 4-H’er Jeannett Clampitt, Independence, received a state 4-H dog project award. Clampitt, 15, is the daughter of Gregory and Jayne Clampitt.

An eight-year 4-H member, Clampitt has completed projects on horticulture, dogs, music and beef. She has been the secretary, recorder and historian in her 4-H club. She participated in her county and area 4-H councils and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

“4-H has offered me tremendous opportunities that I have eagerly participated in. I feel it has helped me become a better person at home, on my farm, in my community and as a citizen,” said Clampitt.

[PHOTO] Jeanett Clampitt

  • Calhoun County 4-H’er Raeann Hanlon, Churdan, received a state 4-H communication project award. Hanlon, 14, is the daughter of Eugenia Hanlon.

A six-year 4-H member, Hanlon has completed projects on communication, sheep, child development and consumer management. In her 4-H club, she was the president for five years and historian for one year. She participated in county 4-H council.

“4-H has given me a lot of confidence to try new things and to be able to speak in front of a large group of people,” said Hanlon.

[PHOTO] Raeann Hanlon

  • Clayton County 4-H’er Amy Doeppke, Elkader, received a state 4-H leadership project award. Doeppke, 18, is the daughter of Brian and Julie Doeppke.

A five-year 4-H member, Doeppke has completed projects on leadership, citizenship, dogs and clothing. She was the president of her 4-H club, the treasurer and the secretary. She participated in county 4-H council and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

“My experience from 4-H has taught me to set goals, learn how to work up to my goals, be proud of what I have accomplished and share my experiences with others,” said Doeppke.

[PHOTO] Amy Doeppke

  • Clayton County 4-H’er Sarah Meyers, Volga, received a state 4-H child development project award. Meyers, 17, is the daughter of David and Julie Meyers.

A nine-year 4-H member, Meyers has completed projects on home improvement, visual arts, food and nutrition, photography and clothing. She has held many positions in her club, including treasurer and photographer/historian. She also participated in county 4-H council.

“4-H has helped me gain the confidence to pursue a career in elementary education,” said Meyers. “Time and hard work have been involved in each of the projects I have taken to the fair. Through this, I have created my work ethic that will carry on to my future plans.”

[PHOTO] Sarah Meyers

  • Dallas County 4-H’er Robert Sterner received a state 4-H conservation award.
  • Fayette County 4-H’er Whitney Stahr, West Union, received a state 4-H leadership project award. Stahr, 17, is the daughter of Roger and Wendy Stahr.

An eight-year 4-H member, Stahr completed projects on leadership, citizenship, consumer management, food and nutrition and clothing. In her 4-H club, she held the positions of president, vice president and historian. She participated in county 4-H council, county youth committee, State 4-H Council, National 4-H Congress and the Iowa 4-H Youth Conference.

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for 4-H,” said Stahr. “The 4-H program has taught me valuable life skills and offered me exciting opportunities. I have learned the importance of citizenship and community service, as well as communication skills.”

[PHOTO] Whitney Stahr