Using TIF

Session Description:

This panel will discuss Tax Increment Financing from three different perspectives.  In many cities, it falls upon the City Clerk or Finance officer to file the TIF certifications and complete all other required reporting.  This session will discuss what other monitoring is recommended and how that information gets to the right person.  County auditors are the county official that is involved with the tagging of properties when a TIF district is created to establish the base and collect increment as certified by the city.  The Story County Auditor will explain other impacts and duties of her office relating to TIF.  Then this session will also explore the big picture. Depending upon the size of the community or the make-up of a regional economic development organization there is a broader perspective on using TIF and its impacts.  This session will explore these other considerations and why this is always a hot topic during legislative sessions.


Scott Sanders, Finance Director, City of Des Moines
Carrie Johnson, Iowa Department of Management


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