Nonprofit Management Academy

Comprehensive educational programs for the nonprofit sector

Delivery: Face-to-face, various locations throughout Iowa

Audience: Nonprofit Management Academies welcome anyone seeking professional development in the area of nonprofit management, including staff, management, volunteers, professional association employees, educators, and private-sector employees who wish to make a career change to the nonprofit sector. Those who are interested in succession planning, building the skills of new managers, or enhancing leadership within the organization are strongly encouraged to participate.

Description: Nonprofit Management Academies were established in 1999 by Iowa State University in partnership with the United Way Management Assistance Program to enhance the management skills of those serving nonprofit human services groups, hospitals, government agencies, churches, private schools, arts organizations, environmental groups, and others in the nonprofit sector. Distinguished representatives of the nonprofit sector served as advisers to develop this program. Outstanding practitioners and academicians teach the courses.

Nonprofit Management Academies offer courses covering topics such as leadership and governance of nonprofit organizations; human, financial and volunteer management, fund-raising, marketing, and more. You may enroll in individual classes or earn a certificate in nonprofit management by completing a combination of classes.