Iowa Retail Initiative Toolkit

Effective August 30, 2012, the Regional Economics & Community Analysis Program (RECAP) has a new name and a new Web site:  the Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP) at
The table provided in this link will show alternative sources for data and features from the old RECAP site.

Check out Google Places for your advertising options.

A short tutorial on creating your first Facebook ad for your business.

These reports describe recent and historical trends in the local retail trade sector. The reports are available by city in PDF format.

These county-level reports profile the size and competitive characteristics of the local retail sector, including trend data for the last 30 fiscal years. The files are in PDF format. City-level reports are also available at the following link.

First Impressions offers an inexpensive way of determining what visitors think of your community.

Saving the bricks and mortars this nation was built on.

A Yelp App tutorial from the Iowa Retail Initiative.

Having a clear image of your store is essential. This helps potential customers to undoubtedly find your location.


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