Emergency Management 101: What You Need to Know Before Your Disaster

Session Description:

Using real world examples and references, Homeland Security and Emergency Management representatives will help you understand some of the ‘what if’s’ and who may be involved when an emergency or disaster strikes your community.  An overview of emergency management definitions will be enhanced with specific presentations for:

Planning:  Do you know you have a role in your local emergency response plan?  Let us describe some of your possible roles and responsibilities.

Exercises:  Why should you be involved?  Exercise types and resources for developing, participating in and assessing your exercises will be covered.

Training:  Free (that’s right free) resources to better understand the responsibilities you have.  Information, who should attend and training resources will be covered.


Susan Green, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management and

Beth Lewis, Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management


Check back closer to the 2013 Academy!

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