Community Data

Community Development Data, Information and Analysis Lab (CD-DIAL)

CD-DIAL works with communities, organizations, and state and local agencies to assist and build decision-making capacity in these groups, especially as they collect and use information about their local population members or the constituents they serve.

CD-DIAL conducts surveys by mail, online and telephone. We work with stakeholders from conceptualizing the survey (i.e. questionnaire development, sampling, etc.) up to report writing and presentation of the results. The team gathers and analyzes the data, writes the report, and presents the results as requested by the client.
Contact: Nora Ladjahasan

Data for Decision Makers

These county-specific publications contain data on population, economics, agriculture, employment, retail trade. As part of the ISU Extension and Outreach Indicators Portal, Data for Decision Makers is available online as a downloadable report. Click HERE to generate data for your county.

Previous versions of the Data for Decision Makers reports are available through the Extension Online Store.

Future Talk

Extension Community and Economic Development is About the Future (imagine, connect, inspire) (PowerPoint presentation)

Iowa Food Security, Insecurity, and Hunger

Iowa families and the communities they live in are working together to solve the problems of individual, household and community food insecurity and hunger.

Program Builder

An online tool for accessing community and economic development programs that can help you with community data. 

Iowa Community Indicators Program (ICIP)

Public access to local community and economic development data on employment, income, economics, demographics and more for Iowa and eleven other states in the Midwest funded and managed by Department of Economics, the Department of Sociology, ISU Extension and Outreach Community and Economic Development, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Includes data previously on Census Services and Iowa Profiles sites.
Contact: Liesl Eathington

Retail Trade Analysis Program

Access to data and analysis regarding the history and current status of local retail sectors for individual counties and communities in Iowa. 
Contact: Liesl Eathington

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