FX290MPI: E-Reporting & Communications for the Clerk's Office

Course Description:

This class offers an overview of various report and communication techniques needed to efficiently fulfill the requirements of electronic report generation and filings expected of city governments. To insure success in this class, two prerequisite online training sessions in June are required.


Heather Roberts & MacKenzie Akers

Course Materials:

Check back closer to 2013 Institute

Past Course Materials:

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Computer Class Samples

Loan Calculator


Password management service: www.lastpass.com
Free and low-cost PDF Creation tools: www.cutepdf.com
Adobe Acrobat is the current "standard", allows for creating fillable forms, etc: www.adobe.com
Data manipulation tools for inside Excel: www.asap-utilities.com

YouTube for free Excel how-to's! www.youtube.com

Fillable forms with locked cells in Excel:
http://youtu.be/jFGjV1rGLhQ (older versions of Excel)
http://youtu.be/vEYPfbzfxa4 (Excel 2010)


Note: This class takes place at the ISU Research Park
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