I-WALK (Iowans Walking Assessment Logistics Kit) is an Iowa walkability program administered by Iowa Department of Public Health and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, and implemented by communities across Iowa. Local Public Health leads the implementation effort and is vital to the success of the program.


Network Buffer Around School

Much like the Euclidean buffer, the network buffer map shows one-half, one and two mile buffers around the school. However, the buffers on this map are based on the distance required to navigate a network (Road).  Thus, this map is more appropriate when determining the distance a student would travel to get to school if all streets provided adequate sidewalks and crossings.

Sidewalk Presence Network Buffer

Expanding upon the network buffer in the previous map, streets with walkable sidewalks on either side were identified and included in the network analysis. The result is a map that illustrates the distance a student could travel from the school if limited to only those streets that included at least one adjacent sidewalk. The city core, which is generally an older residential area typically has sidewalks along both sides of the street and presents a robust network of walking paths. Areas of newer development typically have an irregular or absent network with little or no connectedness, making safe walking a challenge for the student.


Parent/Child Survey: Concern Regarding School Traffic

The Parent/Child Survey asked parents what level of concern they had in regards to the speed of traffic
near the school. To keep individual responses to this question anonymous, the results were spatially
aggregated into a grid and the percent of responses indicating concerns me greatly or concerns me
somewhat was calculated. The SRTS planning team should take a closer look at those grid areas that are
colored; paying particular attention to the orange and red areas.


Sidewalk Availability

Using aerial photography and the data collected by the volunteers using the iPhone SRTS infrastructure
tool, the map below identifies the streets that have incomplete sidewalks, sidewalks on one or both sides
of streets with no sidewalks at all.

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