Communities to Community (C2C)

Just like other parts of the nation, many communities throughout the state of Iowa are facing a variety of socio-economic and demographic challenges. To adapt to the changing economic and cultural climate, communities are working on a variety of initiatives to build economic, cultural, human and social capital. While the issues are specific to each community, the broad goal is to create vibrant and attractive communities that continue to provide economic opportunities and a good quality of life to its residents.

As part of its educational outreach effort, "Communities to Community" (C2C) is a two-year outreach program offered by the Community and Economic Development (CED) wing of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. The goal of C2C is to offer bundled design, educational, business, and leadership development services related to community development. The services are customized to promote the positive changes and outcomes that client community’s desire. Potential outcomes include stabilizing downtown environments; improving citizen participation; encouraging diversity; capitalizing on small business and tourism opportunities; meeting housing needs; or achieving quality of life goals.We are dedicated to assisting rural communities across Iowa to take stock of their assets and capacity and create a vision and action plan for long-term economic growth and development.

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