• Last year about 1.8 million people benefited from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach educational programs, and nearly 17,000 volunteers worked with us.
    • Some 94,000 youth were involved in 4-H programs. That’s one in five Iowa school-age youth.
    • Companies who have worked with our Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) reported making $43 million in new investments and creating or retaining more than 6,000 jobs.
    • Our Extension field agronomists consulted with more than 10,000 crop farmers.
    • Our community development specialists helped Iowa communities leverage more than $29 million in grants and resources to complete infrastructure, building, and other projects.
    • More than 196,000 Iowans increased their understanding and skills on family issues through noncredit workshops and conferences.

Overall Revenue FY2011

Expense Breakout FY2011 | Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Overall Expenses FY2011 | By Funding Sources