Heather Coyle

Clinton County Extension Director

Brianne Johnson

Youth Development Educator

Mark A. Schroeder, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator

Kaitlyn Ketelsen

4-H/Office Assistant
563 659-5125

Peggy McGranahan

Office Manager
563 659-5125

Natalie Oberbeck

AmeriCorps Member-4-H Community Outreach Educator
563 659-5125

Vera Stokes

Human Sciences Specialist, Nutrition and Wellness

Daleta Thurness

Region 16 Youth Program Specialist
(563) 263-5701

Youth and 4-H Program Development

Barb Dunn-Swanson

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Life

Amber Bisinger

External Relations Specialist
(319) 377-9839

Marketing, Community Relations, Event Planning

Greg Brenneman

Field Specialist Agricultural Engineering
(319) 337-2145

Livestock facilities including manure handling, ventilation and layout, farmstead layout, farm buildings, energy conservation, drainage, soil conservation practices, conservation tillage, no-till, ground water and surface water quality, private water supplies, water treatment, private wastewater treatment systems, grain drying and storage. Frequent Clients: Grain and livestock producers, homeowners, ag businesses, and government agency staff

Ryan Drollette

Farm and Ag Business Management Program Specialist

Farm Management, Dairy Economics, Livestock Economics, Marketing, Risk Management, Decision Tools, Farm Leasing

Patrick O'Malley

Field Specialist - Commercial Horticulture
(319) 337-2145

Primary areas of expertise: commercial fruits and vegetables. Secondary areas of expertise: ornamental horticulture including greenhouse and nursery crops, and turfgrass

Virgil Schmitt

Field Specialist - Crops
(563) 263-5701


Denise Schwab

Field Specialist - Livestock/Beef
(319) 472-4739

Production information related to nutrition, facilities, health, records analysis, and pasture and forage management for beef and sheep producers. Individual consultation on improving productivity in livestock operations

Phyllis Zalenski

Human Sciences Specialist, Family Finance
(319) 465-3224

Empowering People. Growing Lives.

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