Extension 4-H and Youth Development Committee

The Clayton County Extension Council appoints 9 adults and 4 youth to serve on the 4-H & Youth Development Committee. The purpose of the committee is to support and advise 4-H staff, volunteers, 4-H members and 4-H families in conducting meaningful educational experiences to help youth grow and reach their full potential; to serve as a liaison between the Clayton County Extension Office, 4-H’ers, their parents and other volunteers regarding the 4-H club programs and activities; to set policies as deemed necessary to promote, enhance and regulate the 4-H program in Clayton County; and to establish the rules and regulations of the 4-H & FFA program for the local county fair.  The Area Youth Field Specialist and County Youth Coordinator serve as advisors for this committee. The committee usually meets 4-5 times per year.


2016 Committee Members: 

Julie Bergan, Elkader (17)

Scott Cherne, Guttenberg (16)

WesLee Gould (17) (Youth Rep)

Brian Harbaugh, Postville (16)

Matt  Henkes, Luana (16)

Ted Hilgerson, Elkader (17) (Youth Rep)

Tim Orr (17)

Andrey Shirbroun (17) (Youth Rep)

Suzanne Shirbroun, Farmersburg (16)

Michael Sperfslage, Edgewood (17)

Levi Tuecke (17) (Youth Rep)

Adam Weigand (17)

Linda Zuercher (17)

Trent Henkes, Luana (Extension Council Rep)

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