Strawberry Point Farmer Wins Monsanto Project Award

monsanto presentation

Strawberry Point farmer Gary Bockenstedt has been selected a winner in “America’s Farmers Grow Communities,” a project sponsored by Monsanto.

On March 25, Kelly Holthaus, a representative of Monsanto presented checks on Bockenstedt’s behalf to the Clayton County Fair Board and Lodomillo Leaders 4-H Club.

Grow Communities gives farmers an opportunity to win a $2,500 donation for their favorite local non-profit organizations. Bockenstedt entered the drawing and won $2,500, which he designated for the Clayton County Fair.

This year, to further support counties which have been declared disaster areas due to drought by the United States Department of Agriculture, winning farmers in those counties were able to receive double the donation, or a total of $5,000. As Clayton County was declared a disaster area by the USDA, Gary was able to designate another organization to receive $2,500. He selected the Lodomillo Leaders 4-H Club in Strawberry Point.

Bockenstedt feels the county fair is vital to Clayton County and knows the value of 4-H and its long standing connection to the community and to the county fair.

Farmers have been given the opportunity to win a donation for their favorite community non-profit organization in 1,271 counties in 39 states.  This year, the Monsanto Fund will invest more than $5 million in rural America through Grow Communities.

Monsanto sponsors America’s Farmers Grow Communities to highlight the important contributions farmers make every day to society and to help them positively impact their communities.

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