Adults and Youth Honored at Annual 4-H Award Night

Over 225 people attended the annual 4-H Pizzazz Night at Johnson’s Reception Hall in Elkader on Sunday, November 17.   The year-end celebration honored both 4-H club members and adult volunteers. 
 Club Community Service Awards were presented to the Lodomillo Leaders, Woodcenter Eagles, Mallory Minks and Garnavillo Hawks 4-H Clubs. These clubs were selected for their not only for their monetary donations, but also for their volunteer service.
 The Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club won the award for best 4-H Week Promotion during the month of October.
 The Meritorious Service Award was presented to Clayton County Cattlemen’s Association.   Nate Weber of Strawberry Point was honored as the 4-H Alumni member and Teresa Thole of Arlington was  named this year’s Honorary 4-H Member.
 This year the Awards of the Clover were presented to dedicated 4-H volunteers who have served 5, 10, 15, 25 and 35 years.  Recognized for 5 years were Terry Lenth of the Grand Meadow 4-H Club, Penni Gaul of the Lodomillo Leaders, Sheri Orr of the Marion Happy Hustlers, Jolene Christeleit of Worthwhile and Travis Preim, a Shooting sports instructor. Honored for 10 years of service were Ray Curran of Ful-O-Pep, Noreen Hageman of the Luana Ramblers, Kevin & Marcia Powell of the Peppy Pointers 4-H Club. Curt Bockenstedt of the Lodomillo Leaders, Rhonda Curran of Ful-O-Pep and Dawn Medberry of the Marion Happy Hustlers 4-H Club were recognized for 15 years of volunteering. Deb Schulte of the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club and Vernon Cherne of Guttenberg celebrated 25 years of volunteer service. Greg Schulte of Edgewood was honored for 35 years of continuous service to the 4-H program.
 Club Officer awards were presented to Ryan Moser of the Mallory Minks, Andrea Glawe  of the St. Olaf Jr Farmers and Dylan Palmershiem of the Lodomillo Leaders.
 Intermediate and senior 4-H members competed for project awards.  Emma Kerns of the Woodcenter Eagles won a Communications award. Andrea Glawe, a member of the St. Olaf Jr. Farmers won a Leadership award and Parker Klingman of the Worthwhile 4-H club won a Mechanics award.
 Two special awards were given to 4-H’ers who scored well on their award applications and interviews.  Parker Klingman of Strawberry Point and Andrea Glawe of Farmersburg each received a $50 voucher to the 2014 State 4-H Conference & Animal Science Roundup. 
 The Danforth awards were presented to Jordyn Bolinger of Edgewood and Andrea Glawe of Farmersburg. The Danforth “I Dare Your Award” is a special leadership award presented each year to high school students who show leadership potential.
 Four special county fair awards were presented. The award selection is made during the county fair.  WesLee Gould of the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club received the Evelyn Possehl Quilt Award. The Josephine Orr Outstanding Pie Award was presented to Emily Vorwald of Mallory Minks 4-H Club. Noelle Kerns of the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club won the Donlon Outstanding Bread Award. The Dog Sportsmanship Award was presented to Alissa Rose of the Grand Meadow 4-H Club. 
 41 4-H members received record keeping awards last night. The Collin Harbaugh Memorial honored the top junior records. The award given Brian & Koral Harbaugh in memory of their son Collin provides youth with the opportunity to attend either the area junior or intermediate camp next summer. Top junior record keeping honors went to Jacob Fenton of the Peppy Pointers, Emma Ehlers and Charlie Ehlers of the Woodcenter Eagles and Grace Meier of the Garnavillo Hawks.
 For more information on 4-H & Youth programs contact the Clayton County Extension Office at 563-245-1451.

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