4-H Celebrates Youth & Adult Accomplishments at Pizzazz Night

Nearly 400 people attended the annual 4-H Pizzazz Night on Sunday, November 20 at Johnson’s Reception Hall in Elkader.  The year-end celebration honored both 4-H club members and adult volunteers.

Club Community Service Awards were presented to the Luana Ramblers, Worthwhile, Woodcenter Eagles and Giard Eager Hands 4-H Clubs.  These clubs were selected for their not only for their monetary donations, but also for their volunteer service.

The Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club won the award for best 4-H Week Promotion Display.

The Meritorious Service Awards were presented to Nancy Donlon of Luana and Marlene Marmann of Elkader. Jim Fuelling of Luana was named this year’s Honorary 4-H Member and Wanda Brink of Elkader was honored as the 4-H Alumni Member.

Awards of Clover were presented to dedicated 4-H leaders and volunteers who have served 5, 10, 15, and 20 years.  Honored for Five years were Michelle Moser, Elkader; Patience Kober, McGregor; Amanda Keppler, St. Olaf; Paula Casper, Edgewood; Nathan Weber, Cedar Falls; Steve & Jill Lueken, Colesburg; Patrick & Cheri Harms, Monona and  Vicky Hefner, McGregor. Honored for 10 years were Bill & Judy Althoff of Edgewood and Julie Bergan of Elkader. Aaron Adney, McGregor was honored for 15 years of volunteering to the 4-H program. Receiving recognition for 20 years of service was Linda Orr of Elkader.


Record Keeping Awards were presented to 73 4-H members throughout the county.  Winners included

Garnavillo Hawks:                   Josef VonHandorf, Kody Wilker, Zach Wolter and Marissa Meyers

Grand Meadow:                                   Tristan Keene

Highland Helping Hands:         Kristi Eberhardt, Amanda Meyers, and Amy Doeppke

Jefferson Go Hawks:               Emily Kraus and Jade Geuder

Lodomillo Leaders:                  Carson Wille, Chloe Wille, Dalton Waterhouse, Natalie Palmersheim, Weslee Gould,  Dylan Palmersheim, Patrick Palmersheim, Matthew Janssen,   Brandon Janssen, Tiffany Faust and Samantha Drips

Mallory Minks:                        Chad Moser, Hunter Lueken, Jaclyn Sampson, John Glawe, Kirk Moser, Lucas Thein, Rebecca Thein, Rachel Moser, Ryan Moser, Emily Vorwald, Miranda Barnhardt,  Daniel Vorwald,  Jacob Wessel, Justin Wessel, Kohl Moser, Macey Barnhart, and Kyann Braden.

Monona Jr. Feeders:                Ryan Moon and Emily Moon

Peppy Pals/Mendon Hustlers: Andrea Glawe

Woodcenter Eagles:                 Delaney Bergan, Erica Voss, Kelsi Askeland, Noelle Kerns, Emma Kerns, Morgan Fannon,  Jordyn Bolinger, Trevor Fannon, Karl Klocke, Andrew Askeland and Madalyn Kerns

Worthwhile:                             Ariel Dennler, Jasmine Miller, Jenna Jansen, Lucas Bente, Kyle Beck, Megan Nemechek, Samuel Nemechek, Summer Helle, Quinn O’Brien, Trinity Helle, Levi Tuecke, Parker Klingman, William Christeleit, Anna Tuecke, Jacob Jansen, Jonathan Scherf, Ashley Scherf, Jessica Jansen, Caitlin Mahoney, Ashley Nemechek, and Samantha Tschirgi


The Collin Harbaugh Memorial honored the top junior record keeping members.  The award given Brian & Koral Harbaugh in memory of their son Collin provides youth with the opportunity to attend either the area junior or intermediate camp next summer. Top junior record keeping  honors went to Morgan Fannon of the Woodcenter Eagles, Parker Klingman and Ariel Dennler of the Worthwhile 4-H Club and Kohl Moser of the Mallory Minks.


Intermediate and senior members competed for project awards.  9 project awards were presented. The winners were

Beef:  Luke Orr, Elkader   

Clothing:  Madalyn Kerns, Edgewood and Emily Moon, Monona

Child Development: Amanda Meyers, Volga

Food & Nutrition:  Ryan Moon, Monona

Home Improvement:  Emily Moon, Monona

Leadership:  Emily Moon, Monona

Pets:  Emily Moon, Monona

Swine: Kaitlin Orr, Elgin


     Four special awards were given to 4-H’ers who scored well on their award applications and interviews.  Amanda Meyers, Volga; Madalyn Kerns, Edgewood; Luke Orr, Elkader and Katie Orr of Elgin each received a $50 voucher to the 2012 State 4-H Conference & Animal Science Roundup. 


The Danforth Awards were presented to Madalyn Kerns, daughter of Jim & Jody Kerns of Edgewood and Emily Moon, daughter of Dan & Nancy Moon of Monona.  The Danforth “I Dare Your Award” is a special leadership award presented each year to high school students who show leadership potential.


Club Officer Awards were presented to Emily Moon, president of the Monona Jr. Feeders;

Isaac Althoff, Vice-president of the Jefferson Go Hawks; Ryan Moser, secretary of the Mallory Minks,

and Amy Doeppke, treasurer of the Highland Helping Hands,


Evelyn Possehl Memorial Quilt Award:  Madalyn Kerns of the Woodcenter Eagles 4-H Club was selected for quilt that was selected for state fair and named one the "Outstanding Sewn Items" at the Iowa State Fair.


Josephine Orr Outstanding Pie Award: Sam Hilgerson of St. Olaf Jr. Farmers 4-H Club was honored for his peach pie that was selected for state fair. 


Donlon Outstanding Bread Award: Bailey Martins of the Monona Jr. Feeders 4-H Club was selected for her tri-color bread that was selected for state fair.


Participants in the county 4-H dairy judging team were also recognized. Honored were

Jake Mills, Strawberry Point;  Gina Fisher, Edgewood, Zach Sauer, Catie Lang, Nolan & Bobby Lang , McGregor; Tom Shirbroun and Andrey Shirbroun Farmersburg; Shana Hilgerson and Ted Hilgerson, Elkader.


This year’s 4-H Pizzazz Night was planned and presented by the Clayton County 4-H Council and the 4-H & Youth Program Coordinator, Tammy Muller. For more information on the 4-H program, contact the Clayton County Extension Office in Elkader.

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