NW Area and State 4-H Recognition Opportunities

Exciting opportunities are available for 4-H members through area selection of nominees for:


National 4-H Conference -- representative groups of 4-Hers from each state discuss the future 4-H program needs at the national level.


National 4-H Congress -- a forum to discuss issues of concern to youth and to strengthen youth involvement in local, county, and state 4-H programs.


State 4-H Council -- ambassadors for the state 4-H program by providing input on 4-H program issues, planning and executing state events, and practicing leadership, citizenship, and communication skills.


State Project Awards -- recognition for youth who have excelled in projects by participating, learning, and evaluating 4-H experiences.


The area and state selection process for the above opportunities will involve:

·         completing an application,

·         gathering and putting together up to five pages of written support material or a 10 minute video or audio tape (see the application for the format), and

·         an interview at the area and state level.


You will have flexibility in creating your application materials and gain experience in interviewing and organizing a portfolio folder which will help prepare you for college and job searches.


Information/application packets are available for each of the opportunities at the Clay County Extension Office.  Packets include:

·         a more detailed information sheet on each opportunity of interest to you

·         application

·         criteria for evaluating support material and interview

·         hints for organizing and designing your support material

·         interview tips


Check out the state 4-H recognition web site: /4H/recognition.htm to learn more about each opportunity.  


The due date for application and support materials to the County Extension Office is Monday, March 2, 2010.  The Northwest Area evaluation of applications and selection of those advancing to the state level will be announced in mid April.


NW Area Recognition opportunities interviews will be held in Buena Vista county on March 30th from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Please stop in the Clay County Extension Office or call (712) 262-2264 if you would like assistance or need more information.



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